New web environment

Hello, On 10-11-2022 we placed the CRS in a new web environment. It should facilitate a better performance. We tested various parts of the CRS and most things seem to work. However, please know that their might be issues. Report them via the link above. Kind regards, Team CRS

Bedspace monitor tools

Hi! We updated the monitors per shelter according to new information.

Amount of beds are changed now, both for males, females and totals.

Also per shelter the Speedometers should be up to date now.

Please check if correct CHECK HERE. If not, please inform head office.

Kind regards,

CRS Team


From today onwards you will see the word "Processing" after pressing the SUBMIT button in the standard CRS form. This prevents that people submit a client twice. If there occurs an error due to this update, please inform head office.

Kind regards,


UPDATE Bedspace monitor

Dear collegues, Today we can announce that there is a daily bedspace monitor online. After logging in or by clicking on the menu "Current Clients" you can see a real live situation about how the CRS is being used. It tells something about how many clients you have on today's date, how many beds there are availalbe, even split on gender. Please contact head office if things seem to be incorrect. Kind regards, CRS

Shelter Dashboard


Possible Fees per month

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Payments per month

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Possible fees per year

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Payments per year

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