Major update CRS2.0

Dear staff members. On 09 April 2019 you will work with an updated CRS. The major changes are:

  • One page form
  • Easier selection tools
  • More nationalities to choose from
  • New field: citizenship status
  • Periods are changed from dates towards dropdown lists
  • Less long list for hosts. If you are not a host you don't have to select "Are you a manager or social (auxiliary) worker?". This means you can easily skip the questions about pdp, exits, etc..
  • You can see tips and advice about the form fields when you use your mouse going over the field names. For example ID or Permit number(*) you can see that you have to use 13 digits for example.
  • You can still view the database from everything before 31/03/2018. Editing is not possible anymore.

Also the signature form has been updated. Easier to read, better to understand for the client so he or she can sign the papers.

If you need help send an email to Marilize.

For managers and social workers:


Please ensure that you, and you only, use your user account. With your account you can:

  • update and change information regarding the client.
  • Insert pdp and exit dates.
  • start uploading pictures from clients. Use a webcam (about ZAR 250-300) with a resolution of i.e. 640*480. 
  • Please know that date formats are: dd/mm/yyyy so 24/07/1986 means 24 July 1986

A couple of changes you need to do when editing clients for the first time since the start of CRS2.0. For example change:

  • Referall organisation. If that was empty no you have to select "Walkin/selfreferral
  • Citizenship
  • Period (because they were first dates, now it has to be a period).